Trafficking Case 8

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A 12 year-old female is seeing you for her annual visit. You excuse her mother who accompanied her to the visit as is your standard practice in this age group. She states she misses her older sister. She says that her 16 year-old sister "ran away from home and was yelling at my mother a lot. My mom was mad because she said my sister was being a ‘whore’ and will end up dead on the street." Your patient starts to cry at this. She says she wants to be just like her sister and doesn’t understand why her mother would say this.


Given the information provided by your patient, you are concerned that her sister may be a victim of sex trafficking and that your patient may become a victim in the future.

How would you respond to this patient?

A. Tell the patient that you think it is important that she tell her mother how she is feeling and that you will be there to support her.

B. Make a report to the Child Abuse Hotline, this mother is neglectful and emotionally abusive.

C. Tell the patient that teenagers fight with their parents and her sister is fine.

D. Screen the 12 year old for involvement in human trafficking.