Trafficking Case 5

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You are evaluating an adult patient in the ED due to a broken arm. She has her 2 year-old daughter with her. While examining the mother, you notice this tattoo:

Tattoo on arm. Description below.*

You recognize that this is a gang-affiliated tattoo. You ask the mother about the tattoo and she says it's for her boyfriend. You ask the mother if she has ever had sex for money, drugs, or something else, and she says yes. She says her daughter stays with her maternal grandmother when she is engaging in this behavior.


You are concerned about the health and safety of the patient's 2 year-old daughter. The mother's lifestyle, which includes exchanging sex for money, drugs or something of value, poses a risk of maltreatment.

Accessible Version

Image shows a fore-arm tattoo with a crown atop a holy cross. The cross is stylized with extended pointed corners and has hooks on the cross piece like an upside-down trident.

Which would you do first?

A. Call the police.

B. Tell the mother that the child should never come with her and should always remain with her grandmother.

C. Make a report to the Child Abuse Hotline

D. Offer the mother STI testing.