Trafficking Case 6

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A 15 year-old patient comes to see you for routine care. You have been this patient’s PMD since she was 5 years old. You note a change in her appearance since her most recent urgent care visit 1 month ago. She has new hair extensions and a designer bag. You know her family does not have the means to support these luxuries.


You are concerned that she is being groomed for sex trafficking.

  • She has markedly changed her appearance.
  • These changes are beyond what her family can afford.

Given your concern, what would be your first step?

A. Examine the patient for branding or tattoos that would suggest she is involved in a gang or trafficking.

B. Ask the patient about these new items and how she got them.

C. Screen for involvement in human trafficking.

D. Call law enforcement since she probably stole these items.