Education for Child Abuse Medical Providers

About : What CHAMP Does

CHAMP works to improve the medical response to child abuse. It does this by addressing two needs: the need for skilled medical evaluation of children suspected of being abused and better identification, treatment and reporting of child abuse by primary pediatric and Emergency Department medical providers.

CHAMP improves the skills of physicians, physician assistants and nurse practitioners with pediatric experience through an education program that is the state’s only standardized education for licensed providers regarding the identification, treatment, and management of suspected child sexual abuse cases. It consists of an online course, Evaluating Child Sexual Abuse, and an observership with a child abuse expert. This content is also appropriate for medical residents at medical schools providing a child abuse rotation overseen by CHAMP Faculty.

CHAMP also improves the quality of care by offering free educational opportunities and resources. This includes webcasts that offer continuing medical education (CME) credit. The website posts research-based and expert-reviewed  Practice Recommendations that can be downloaded. Test Your Knowledge  gives child abuse medical professionals an opportunity to evaluate and update their knowledge of 24 common and uncommon conditions that are suspicious for abuse. They can read a case, answer a question that tests their knowledge, and then read the answer that is based on current research. These cases are also available as a resource by accessing them by the diagnosis. A similar feature, What Would You Do? gives medical professionals an opportunity to evaluate and update their knowledge of issues related to identifying and managing cases that are suspicious for child trafficking. Medical schools can download an  Observed Structured Clinical Examination (OSCE), Identifying, Managing and Reporting a Physical Abuse Case. The website also offers  coursework that includes short courses as well as Evaluating Child Sexual Abuse, which affords both CME and American Board of Pediatrics Maintenance of Certification (MOC) credit for a small fee.

In addition to the CHAMP website, a companion website,,  provides a web book, Child Abuse Evaluation & Treatment for Medical Providers, that provides tools to diagnose and manage child and adolescent abuse victims. It is a resource for medical professionals who do not have a background or expertise in child abuse and are striving to develop best practice standards for their patient care setting.

Every child deserves a skilled medical exam when child abuse is suspected.