Education for Child Abuse Medical Providers

Position Statements : Top Ten Reasons

Why Children and Adolescents Suspected of Being Sexually Abused Need Medical Evaluations.

  1. To reassure the child and family that the child is healthy
  2. To assess the medical needs of the child and to treat injuries, infections, and/or provide prophylaxis
  3. To assess safety and intervene to prevent further abuse
  4. To assess and address emotional, social, mental health, and developmental needs of the child and family and provide crises intervention
  5. To capture spontaneous disclosures
  6. To decrease the likelihood of child’s recantation by enhancing parental support and awareness
  7. To refer for medical, mental health, or social issues
  8. To potentially increase the likelihood of perpetrator confession
  9. To document evaluation findings
  10. To collect forensic evidence

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