Trafficking Case 3

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You are evaluating a 15 year-old male who presents to your clinic due to a possible infection of the hand that developed after an injury several days ago. You ask the patient how he got the injury, and he discloses that he cut it on the door to a van. When you ask about the van, he states that it helps transport him so he can work selling candy bars. When you ask more about his family and living circumstances, he refuses to answer. He asks you to just treat his injury and that’s it.


You are concerned regarding labor trafficking.

  • He disclosed an injury that has gone untreated and is now infected.
  • He disclosed he works out of a van selling candy bars, which is a common form of labor trafficking in the USA. However, he 15 years old and can work legally.
  • He became guarded when asked about his living situation.

Would you immediately report this case to child protective services and law enforcement?

A. No, I need more information before I make any reports.

B. Yes, my concern is enough to make a report to the Child Abuse Hotline and call law enforcement.

C. I would make a report to the Child Abuse Hotline, but I would not call law enforcement.

D. I would call law enforcement, but I would not make a report to the Child Abuse Hotline.