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Click on the course name to view a description of the course.

Course Title & Course Description  
0001 Child Abuse Reporting: The Basics
0002 Adolescent Sexual Assault: Consent Issues
0003 Fractures and Child Abuse

Coursework Overview and Instructions
All CHAMP courses are offered free of charge. However, some courses offer the option of taking the course for Continuing Medical Education (CME) credit. There is a fee for this credit. In addition, some courses can also be taken for American Board of Pediatrics Maintenance of Certification (MOC) credit. This credit requires a fee in addition to the CME fee. Each course has a description page that explains whether the course offers credit and how to pay for this credit.

In order to take CHAMP online coursework, you need to register for the course. This requires having a CHAMP coursework account. Once you have an account, you will have your own page that lists the courses you have registered for as well as a link to register for the other courses being offered. You can create a coursework account by completing a short registration form.

Create a CHAMP coursework account

Policy on Privacy and Confidentiality
CHAMP uses the information that you provide when you create a coursework account to give you access to the courses and CHAMP may track when you access these courses. CHAMP may also use your contact information to notify you about new coursework.

In order to grant you Continuing Medical Education (CME) credits, the SUNY Buffalo CME Office requires we share the registration information you provided. Therefore, CHAMP will share your information with the SUNY Buffalo CME Office if you take a course for CME credit and pay the CME fee. If you are a board certified pediatrician and are taking coursework for American Board of Pediatrics Maintenance of Certification (MOC) credit and pay the MOC fee, the SUNY Buffalo CME Office will share your identifying information with the American Board of Pediatrics so that you receive MOC points.

CHAMP does not share your registration information with anyone else.

How to View Courses After You Have a CHAMP Coursework Account
After you are registered for a course, you can access the course materials as many times as you like. When you have completed a course, please reply to the short survey. Your input about the course is important to us. This survey is a requirement if you are taking the course for CME credit. Your responses are collected anonymously. Some courses offer a short quiz. After you take the quiz, you will be able to view the correct answers.

To return to a course you have registered for:

  1. Click Coursework on the grey bar at the top of the CHAMP home page.
  2. Then click My Courses in the left navigation column.
  3. Log in with your user name and password.
  4. Use the links to access the courses you are registered for or to register for a new course.

For any questions related to Continuing Medical Education, please contact JoAnne Race, .

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