Education for Child Abuse Medical Providers

Members : Continuing Education Requirements

Network Members must meet yearly continuing education requirements to remain on the Active CHAMP Network Member list. CHAMP offers webcasts and courses free of charge that fulfill the requirement of earning three category 1 AMA PRA CME credits on the topic of child abuse every year.

Between September and June of each year, CHAMP offers six webcasts. Each webcast grants one category 1 AMA PRA CME credit award. These webcasts are free of charge and require registration and returning a Continuing Medical Education Evaluation. Attendance at these webcasts is tracked. Dates and registration and evaluation forms are available from the What's New and Webcasts areas of the CHAMP website.

In lieu of attending one of the webcasts, Network Members can take either the Adolescent Sexual Assault: Consent Issues course or the Fractures and Child Abuse course. These courses are available from the Coursework area of the CHAMP website and require registration. They are free of charge and do not grant CMEs. Each course can only be taken once as an alternative to attending a webcast.

Network Members have until June 30 of each year to earn the three credits. Those who have completed this requirement will remain listed on the Official List of Active CHAMP Network Members posted on the CHAMP website.