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 New York State SAFE/SANE Training and Practice Related To Pediatric Sexual Assault Cases: Survey Results

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  • The survey tool was developed in early Winter, 2007 with guidance from a The SAFE/SANE Task Force, an ad hoc group of child abuse professionals representing NYS Office of Child and Family Services, NYS Department of Health, SAFE/SANEs, CACs and the CHAMP Program.

  • Three groups of providers were targeted for the survey: (1) Current SAFE/SANEs; (2) Child Advocacy Centers (CAC) and Multidisciplinary Teams (MDT); and (3) Emergency Department Nurse Managers.

  • The survey was distributed by e-mail to 44 SAFE/SANEs from a list supplied from the NYS Department of Health.

  • The survey was distributed by e-mail to the Directors of 63 CAC/MDTs from a list of Child Advocacy Centers and Multidisciplinary Teams in NYS from the Child Advocacy Resource and Consultation Center web site.

  • Two hundred forty-seven Nurse Mangers of Emergency Departments and Extension Clinics were sent a letter inviting them to participate in the electronic survey.

  • Because the initial response to each target group did not yield a significant response, second and third reminders were sent.

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