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 New York State SAFE/SANE Training and Practice Related To Pediatric Sexual Assault Cases: Survey Results

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Site of Pediatric Sexual Assault Examinations


  • 64% of Child Advocacy Centers offer pediatric sexual assault examinations on-site (N=24).

  • 70% of Emergency Department respondents and SANE/SAFE examiners reported that they are not the only medical provider in their area for pediatric sexual assault examinations (N=40).

  • 75% of all respondents reported that pediatric sexual assault examinations are performed in hospital Emergency Departments in their counties (N=64); 64% respondents reported that exams are performed in the CACs; 28% of respondents reported that exams are performed in private offices and 25% of exams are performed in clinics (N=64).

Locations of Pediatric Sexual Assault Examinations

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