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Caring with Compassion

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Education and Conversation
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Knowing Yourself
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Targeted Self-Care Practices
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Frame of Reference
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Practicing Compassion
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Compassion Home

Trauma Sensitive Yoga (mp4)



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Compassion Tree   Understanding Triggers and Making It a Choice

You have a choice to

  • Recognize your own experiences and choose how they inform your identity, strengths and challenges

  • Seek help

  • Choose how your experiences may inform your contribution to this work

  • Be kind to yourself and not minimize your own experiences

  • Be proactive when anticipating a trigger in the workplace

  • Call on objectivity in the face of a known trigger

This is the road to mastering your trauma and can lead to significant personal transformation and professional contribution as a Child Abuse Medical Professional.

Road to mastering your trauma


You’re invited to pause here, and maybe bring your awareness to how your feet make contact with the ground below. Perhaps you breathe in thinking the words "two feet" and breathe out thinking "one breath." You may feel your feet rooted in the earth, like the roots of your tree. Your Compassion Tree has three boxes at its roots. In your own time, you may explore these boxes, including your unique identity, your mission in this work and what grounds you. Perhaps you again breathe in through your nose, and then sigh out your mouth as you exhale.

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