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Caring with Compassion

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Education and Conversation
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Knowing Yourself
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Targeted Self-Care Practices
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Frame of Reference
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Practicing Compassion
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Compassion Home

Trauma Sensitive Yoga (mp4)



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Compassion Tree   Tools to Support Self-Compassion

  • Choose how you begin and end the workday (something positive, maybe a ritual that honors you in your work)

  • Keep a folder of positive feedback and micro-affirmations

  • Design positive self-talk

  • Choose Renewal Pursuits with novelty to stimulate and energize

  • Do something—even in ritual or thought to avoid feelings of helplessness

  • Go easy—just showing up and making the choice to be a Child Abuse Medical Professional is remarkable

  • Honor crying or showing emotion—it is a demonstration of compassion and connection to your work

  • Remember this work is your choice—stay self-aware and honor if you need more attention toward your own well-being

  • Give yourself permission to pause

  • Take a breath, such as "two feet" breathing in, "one breath" breathing out

  • Look out a window

  • Place reminders in your office or through your phone to pause throughout the workday

  • Drink a glass of water and visualize it giving you well-deserved nourishment

  • Practice your chosen Relaxation Response methods, and be open to explore more

  • Do something slow and quiet every day

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