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Caring with Compassion

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Compassion Tree   The Relaxation Response

The Relaxation Response (RR) is a physiologic state that is the opposite of stress. In the RR, there are decreases in heart rate, respiratory rate, blood pressure and muscle tension, as well as improved concentration.

There are many methods by which the RR can be elicited. Many involve two steps:

  1. Focused repetition of a sound, word, prayer or movement

  2. When thoughts come up, passively disregard them and come back to the focus

With ongoing daily practice, the brain becomes rewired toward decreased stress responsivity and increased resiliency.

Examples of RR Methods:

  • Meditations

    • Single point focus (breath, word, sound, senses, walking)

    • Body scan

    • Guided imagery

    • Metta (loving kindness)

  • Breath awareness

  • Mindful awareness

  • Yoga

  • Tai chi


Knowing your typical Stress Response or symptoms of Secondary Traumatic Stress, what RR method stands out as a good fit for you?

To determine the most beneficial foundational practices for you, it may be helpful to try several different practices and keep a log of how you feel. There may be several practices you find beneficial, and this can vary from day to day.

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