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Caring with Compassion

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Education and Conversation
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Knowing Yourself
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Targeted Self-Care Practices
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Frame of Reference
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Practicing Compassion
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Compassion Home

Trauma Sensitive Yoga (mp4)



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Compassion Tree   Resiliency and Compassion Satisfaction

Take a look at this graph, which shows the ability to perform at increasing stress levels. As shown by the red and blue dotted lines, resilient individuals can have enhanced performance at a given stress level.

If you are doing this course, you are already shifting toward resiliency!

Stress Exposure
Russo SJ, Murrough JW, Han MH, Charney DS, & Nestler EJ. 2012. Neurobiology of resilience. Nature Neuroscience 15 (11): 1475-1484.

Keep in mind, resiliency continues to be dynamic and modifiable throughout one’s career and informs Compassion Satisfaction, feeling content in one’s work.

Compassion Satisfaction can be augmented by several factors:

  • Social support

  • Supportive supervision

  • Use of evidence based practices that inform agency

  • Workload balance between trauma and other cases

  • Reflection for meaning and purpose

  • Self-care activities

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