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Caring with Compassion

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Education and Conversation
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Knowing Yourself
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Targeted Self-Care Practices
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Frame of Reference
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Practicing Compassion
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Compassion Home

Trauma Sensitive Yoga (mp4)



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Compassion Tree   Organizational Compassion Fatigue

Organizations can have symptoms of Compassion Fatigue, too.

These symptoms may include:

  • High absenteeism

  • Changes in co-worker relationships

  • Inability for teams to work well together

  • Inability for staff to complete assigned tasks

  • Lack of flexibility of staff

  • Unhealthy competition

  • Frequent changes in the organization’s policies

  • Aggressive behaviors between co-workers or with patients

  • Rumor and gossip


Is there one thing you can change in your organization for the better?

Is there one negative contributor you can buffer with other steps?

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