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CHAMP Program Observership Purpose and Objectives

The CHAMP Program observership is a 15 contact hour educational experience that offers the opportunity to observe a child abuse expert managing sexual abuse cases. It also provides one-to-one time to review questions stimulated by the Evaluating Child Sexual Abuse course, discuss best practices related to the identification and management of child sexual abuse, and develop a professional relationship that can become a valuable resource.

Cases of suspected child sexual abuse are observed at the CHAMP Center of Excellence or presented by the Mentor or Faculty with attention to:   (printable PDF)

  1. Communication skills, including:
    1. Practitioner reactions to the parents, children and cases
    2. Building rapport and preparing the child for the examination
    3. Caregiver history
    4. Child history

  2. Examination skills, including:
    1. General examination
    2. Genitalia exam techniques
    3. Colposcopy
    4. Specimen collection

  3. Interpretation of findings:
    1. Interpretation of physical findings
    2. Documentation of findings

  4. Working with other child abuse team professionals, such as:
    1. Possible sequences for the team approach
    2. Making appropriate referrals for the child and family
    3. Attending an interdisciplinary team meeting

By the end of the observership, participants will be able to:

  • Explain appropriate responses to patients and their families
  • Describe appropriate child sexual abuse examination techniques
  • Describe appropriate management of suspected child sexual abuse cases

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