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Official List of Active CHAMP Network Members by County

View alphabetical list by Network Member name.

Not all physicians are experts in child abuse. The American Board of Pediatrics offers a certificate in child abuse pediatrics to qualified pediatricians. These pediatricians are experts in all types of child abuse, including physical abuse, sexual abuse and neglect.

Although the education program to become a CHAMP Network Member improves competence in providing child sexual abuse evaluations, it does not make a professional an expert. Completing the CHAMP education program is not the same as completing a fellowship in child abuse and does not qualify the professional for board certification in child abuse pediatrics. Instead, the CHAMP coursework and observership provide the basic medical information needed to identify and refer sexually abused children.

Becoming a CHAMP Member is neither a certification nor a license in diagnosing and treating child sexual abuse. The process to become a CHAMP Member is an educational program that grants Continuing Medical Education credits (CMEs).

Only physicians, nurse practitioners, and physician assistants with pediatric experience in providing child abuse examinations and who are currently practicing in New York State and hold a valid New York State license are eligible to become a CHAMP Member.

This is a list of the medical professionals who have successfully completed the CHAMP education program, which includes both coursework and an observership, and who have also completed the annual requirement of obtaining 3 credits of CHAMP Program continuing education in the area of child abuse.

This Active CHAMP Network Member list is updated whenever there is a new Network Member. The list was updated October 21, 2020.

County Medical Professional
  • Rebecca Butterfield MD
  • Kelly Wilmarth NP
  • Amelia Komanecky NP
  • John Juriga MD
  • Deborah Dee NP
  • Jacqueline Collard PNP
  • Danita Curtis NP
  • Michelle Gorski FNP
  • Brooke Davidson PA
  • Kate Skipton MD
  • Sharon Tenney NP
  • Janice Bach MD
  • Barbara Lopez Heffernan NP
  • Elizabeth Allen NP
  • Susan Blatt MD
  • Kristin Razawich PNP
  • Angela Silvernail NP
  • Eileen Santoro FNP
  • William L. McGill PA
St. Lawrence
  • Emmy Stevenson NP
  • Janice Ceccucci FNP
  • Kristina Ursitti DO
  • Mary J. Nevins MD
  • Mary J. Nevins MD
  • Sherry LaTassa FNP
  • Lisa McDonald NP
  • Lorraine T. Ronca DO
  • Sarah Wren, RN, MSN, CPNP

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